Design Notes

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#001 - Using STK500 to Program External Target STK300 PDF icon

#002 - Providing the Correct Input Voltage to the Atmega103L Part in the STK300 Board PDF icon

#003 - AVR Sleep Modes PDF icon

#004 - Common User of the AVR Hardware UART PDF icon

#005 - Using AVR Analog Voltage Reference (AREF) PDF icon

#006 - AVR Memory Contents After Sleep and Reset PDF icon

#007 - Little and Big Endian PDF icon

#008 - Efficient I/O Handling with Bitfields PDF icon

#009 - Using the ATtiny15 High-speed Timer PDF icon

#010 - Manual AVR ISP Firmware Upgrade PDF icon

#011 - Manual JTAG ICE Firmware Upgrade PDF icon

#012 - Writing the Calibration Byte to the OSCCAL Register in ImageCraft ICCtiny PDF icon

#013 - Using ATmega8 Asynchronous Timer-Counter Oscillator with a 32 kHz X-tal on STK500 PDF icon

#014 - Flash Tables for AVRs without the LPM Instruction PDF icon



#016 - How to Separate ATmega128 from ATmega103 from within Application code PDF icon

#017 - Calibrating the Internal RC Oscillator Using the STK500 PDF icon

#018 - Calibrating the Internal RC Oscillator PDF icon

#019 - Upgrading the Firmware on STK500 PDF icon

#020 - Understanding AVR Fuses and Lock bits PDF icon

#021 - Using the Build-in ADC in AVR PDF icon

#022 - I/O Port Details PDF icon

#023 - Programming Problems Using STK200/300 Programmer PDF icon

#024 - Timer/Counter Basics PDF icon

#025 - SPI Setup and Hold Times PDF icon

#026 - Serial Port Connection PDF icon

#027 - A Simple FSK-modem, Frequence Measuring and Frequence Generation Technique PDF icon

#028 - Using External SRAM with Small AVR Devices PDF icon

#029 - Implementing FIFO Buffers in Software PDF icon

#030 - Frequency Synthesizer PDF icon

#031 - Creating Non-blocking Timers in AVR PDF icon

#032 - AVR Boot Loader PDF icon

#033 - DAC Utilizing ADC PDF icon

#034 - How to Declare I/O Pins to Ease Software Design and Maintenance PDF icon

#035 - Using the SPI as High Speed, Bi-directional Data Bus with Automatic Master/Slave Switch PDF icon

#036 - Virtual Instrumentation PDF icon

#037 - Cusom Graphic LCD Characters PDF icon

#038 - Fast Look-up Table Driven 16-bit CRC Routine for Atmel AVR Microcontrollers PDF icon

#039 - Sound Sample Play Back PDF icon

#040 - Connecting an AVR Controller to CAN PDF icon

#041 - Interfacing Parallel FRAM to AVR Microcontrollers PDF icon

#042 - Efficient Handling of RS-485 Timing Issues PDF icon

#043 - A String Display Routine PDF icon

#044 - Using Trinary Encoding to Reduce Pin Wastage PDF icon

#045 - Using Shift Registers to Increase the Number of Input/Output Pins PDF icon

#046 - Timer Interrupt with a Maximum Accuracy PDF icon

#047 - The Pin Adder. Uses Seven Pins to Add 64 or more. PDF icon

#048 - I2C Bus Sniffer PDF icon