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Working with two analog sensors at the same time, ATmega16
You don't clear previous channel set in ADMUX.   Try something like this:   #define ADMUX_CFG 0x40 ... ADMUX = ADMUX_CFG | channel; 
Friday, 8 April 2022 - 12:02
Same .elf when getting a larger memory variant?
You must try to run code on the bigger one or VERY carefully compare datasheets or header files with registers definitions. For example ATmega16 and ATmega32 despite memory size...
Wednesday, 16 March 2022 - 11:21
Is it possible to auto detect if HD44780 display is attached (without R/W)?
You can detect backlight current. Or connect LCD R/W pin to processor input with enabled pullup. In the 2nd case if R/W pin is connected there is low level on the input (assuming...
Monday, 20 September 2021 - 11:48
Setting outputs on GPIO in code
Try make a small temporary project, set this pin to push-pull in it and see in code preview what code is used by START to make this setting.
Thursday, 20 May 2021 - 10:57
Return from an ISR to a function different from where it is called. Possible ?
If You write interrupt in assembler You can manipulate with stack. You may put false return frame on it and go to any place in program. You must change original return frame from...
Tuesday, 23 March 2021 - 06:48
Data Organization for an existing Project?
Compiler can put variables in memory in any order. But struct components are placed in it in order in they are declared. If You want put parameters and calibration tables in order...
Thursday, 18 March 2021 - 07:55
How to setup an own interupt routine with Atmel Start
DrDatasalad wrote:Is there a way to prevent a certain driver file from beeing replaced? Yes. One way: Keep Your routine in other file. After reloading new file by Atmel Start...
Thursday, 25 February 2021 - 13:03
How to setup an own interupt routine with Atmel Start
DrDatasalad wrote:In the startup file I did see the list of dummy handlers. When I remove the SERCOM device in the Atmel Start, is it then possible to overwrite this dummy...
Thursday, 25 February 2021 - 07:57
How to make a script for AVR programming on Ubuntu?
I can't write about mfile because I don't use it. But when You has ready makefile file (it must have this name) generated by the mfile or manually, You must put it in folder with...
Saturday, 30 January 2021 - 19:56
How to make a script for AVR programming on Ubuntu?
It has its own page on Github: You can look on it directly in www browser. If You want any detailed information I will answer for...
Friday, 29 January 2021 - 08:52
How to make a script for AVR programming on Ubuntu?
I use WinAVR Sample makefile for almost every my project for many years. # WinAVR Sample makefile written 1;2by Eric B. Weddington, J.rg Wunsch, et al. # Released to the Public...
Friday, 29 January 2021 - 05:30
MCU does nog boot without programmer attached
This may be problem with reset. Have You external pull-up resistor? How processor reacts to manual reset?
Wednesday, 13 January 2021 - 12:54