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detect breaks in metal fences
Hello, Do you have any idea how to detect cuts and breaks in metallic fences from 10-15 meters distance, except image processing? I'm going to use a drone for that. Is there any...
Mon. Jun 12, 2017 - 09:28 AM
Driving stepper motor
Hi, I'm trying to run a stepper motor with Atmega 32A and (L298+L297) driver, but I have some difficulties detailed below. I'd be thankful if you can help me. Stepper motor is :...
Mon. Dec 5, 2016 - 10:48 PM
Sensor suggestion
I need your suggestions on choosing appropriate sensor for my project.   I have some rolling tyres and I need to measure time (and speed) of them, while rolling, by sensors....
Fri. May 20, 2016 - 04:25 PM
problem on displaying on LCD - atmega32a
Hello, I'm using a 16x4 LCD and library of this topic, + Atmega 32A + Atmel Studio 7 When I simulate my code in Proteus 8, everything is working and LCD shows texts. but (physical...
Tue. May 17, 2016 - 12:39 PM
problem on printing a variable on LCD display
Hello, This is my code, that is working: It's a for loop that checks PA0, PA1 and PA2 and if any of them is ON, an LED for each of them will be turned ON on PA4, PA5, PA6...
Fri. Mar 25, 2016 - 09:58 PM