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Looking for an IC
Fellow Freaks, Years ago, there were a boatload of graphic equalizer chips on the market that were controllable with SPI/I2C. I have been googlin/yahooin for the last hour with...
Friday, 4 April 2008 - 18:34
Little bit of insight on ASM operator
Greets freaks, Pulled this out of the studio help file: Less or equal Symbol:
Thursday, 3 April 2008 - 16:52
mega48 A/D
Greets to all freaks I was reading the datasheet on the mega48's adc. I could not find what the ACME bit in the B control register does. Anyone have an idea jim By the way I RTFM...
Wednesday, 27 February 2008 - 21:50
Watch window format
Greetings, I have a bunch of registers in the watch window. I want to view them in binary as opposed to the HEX, or DEC format. Have not found a way to do this. Any suggestions?...
Monday, 26 November 2007 - 13:02
uart runaway
THis post has something to do with my other post on the INT0/INT1 issue. I am using as I said earlier my old stock of 90s2313's. I am having issues with the STK500 and the INT...
Saturday, 10 November 2007 - 17:46
STK500 INT0/INT1 and 90s2313
I am using up my stock on 90s2313 and ran accross this issue and wanted to see if anyone else has experienced it as well.... I am using the INT0 and INT1 interrupts. I connected...
Thursday, 8 November 2007 - 14:16
AVR programmer
To all, Many of you probably already know of this place: http://www.mcumall.com/comersus/... I just bought this from EBAY for about $30.00 less than the price here, but it is a...
Saturday, 3 November 2007 - 20:58
16bit binary to bcd
Does anyone have an assembler 16bit binary to bcd converter, or a link in the right direction? I know how to do 8 bits, but the 16 is throwing me for a loop. Jim
Friday, 26 October 2007 - 13:55
Viewing external sram during simulation/debugging
I have tried in vain to view the external data sram locations in Studio4. When I enter the external address in the view/memory/data window I get a beep and nothing. Toggling 8/...
Tuesday, 16 October 2007 - 22:59
I am getting ready to start a very large project, and figured I would toss this up in the air and see what the thought is. Should I purchaase an ICE50 or a MKII for emulation...
Friday, 12 October 2007 - 12:19
Does anyone have a site recommendation for ATMEL's CPLD's? THe atmel site itself is ok, I was looking for a 'freaks' type Jim
Monday, 1 October 2007 - 13:13
m162 PgmCtr issue
Greetings, I have been working on this for some time now and to no avail. Let me toss this one in the ring and see what gets tossed back I have a m162 connected to an LCD and...
Friday, 24 August 2007 - 12:00