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avrdude: a recent build for Windows?
I'm looking for a recent build of avrdude software for Windows (I'd like to test it against JTAGICE3 programmer). I would avoid to compile it myself under msys environment, I...
Tuesday, 18 October 2016 - 21:15
Build multiple configurations with one click
I have a project with many configurations. I'd like to build all the configurations with one click. Is it possible? Is there the batch build feature in Atmel Studio?  ...
Thursday, 29 September 2016 - 21:19
AVR305 inline assembler software UART implementation: blocking on rx
I'm trying to use/implement a software UART for AT90USB1287 (because I need 115200bps that can't be reached with 8MHz crystal quartz). I saw AVR305 implementation here. It works,...
Tuesday, 27 September 2016 - 11:10
UART baudrate accuracy
I have a SAMD21 MCU that communicates well with a PC at baudrate 115200bps. It has a 16MHz ceramic resonator.   Now I'm trying to make a link between the SAMD21 and an Atmel...
Monday, 26 September 2016 - 15:51
Split: cannot change Jungo Drivers for AS6 and AS7
I have AS6.2 (installed first) and AS7 on the same W10 PC. My tool (JTAGICE3) works well with AS6.2. Now I'd like to use the tool under AS7, so I tried to follow the instructions...
Saturday, 10 September 2016 - 23:25
AT90USB1287 and DFU bootloader: flip works, dfu-programmer not
dfu-programmer is able to erase Flash memory, but is not able to write an hex file without errors:   %DFU_PATH%\dfu-programmer at90usb1287 flash diana5prog.hex 0%  ...
Monday, 5 September 2016 - 11:58
AT90USB1287 and DFU bootloader: hw requirements and dfu-programmer
What are the hw requirements on a custom board to use the DFU bootloader from Atmel?   I see the clock on A90USB Key evaluation board is generated from an external 8MHz...
Monday, 5 September 2016 - 09:30
TWI_Master.c from AVR315 Application Note: wrong action in "SLA+W has been tramsmitted and NACK received"?
This is the original Atmel code: ISR(TWI_vect) {   static unsigned char TWI_bufPtr;      switch (TWSR)   {     ...     case...
Tuesday, 19 July 2016 - 12:43
Discard first ADC conversion after changing reference
I need to acquire N analog signals with an external reference voltage (the conversions should be ratiometric, so the reference is linked to the supply). Those conversions should...
Thursday, 7 July 2016 - 09:00
Change ASF folder path in the project
I'd like to choose the folders tree of my projects and I don't like ASF folder at the top level of the tree.   Is it possible to change the ASF folder on a project basis?
Monday, 6 June 2016 - 12:35
Atmel Studio 7 installation blocks forever
I'm trying to install AS7 on a Windows 7 64bit machine. It seems it blocks at the window that says "Please wait while setup installs Atmel Studio 7.0 on your computer".  ...
Thursday, 19 May 2016 - 10:11
Installing AS7 together with AS6
I'm using Atmel Studio 6.2 and it's enough for me. However I want to test Atmel Studio 7.   Is it possible to install AS7 without installing AS6? In this case, AS6 will...
Wednesday, 18 May 2016 - 11:31