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XMEGA Non-volatile memory (EEPROM) writes and interrupts
This question may apply to MEGA series as well. My question regards non-volatile memory, EEPROM specifically. Non-volatile memory writes takes many milliseconds and this will be...
Friday, 6 December 2013 - 08:03
Android connected an xmega u using ASF cdc?
Has anyone successfully connected an xmega U using ASF USB CDC to an android tablet or cell phone? I'm trying to do this and currently I'm at the stage of learning jva programming...
Sunday, 9 June 2013 - 05:11
Real-time counter stale values
I am using the atxmega64a3u. I put it into sleep mode (POWER_SAVE) in which 4 sources can wake it up: 1) asynchronous IO interrupt on port a 2) asynchronous IO interrupt on port...
Tuesday, 16 April 2013 - 04:15