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AVR Studio v4.12.461 SP1 released (revision update)
Quote:USB ATAVRISP mkII, the successor of the well known $29 ATAVRISP Well....a bit more relaxed may just be a ATAVRISP with a built in USB adaptor chip in it...or so I...
Wednesday, 5 October 2005 - 00:02
mega8515 USART problem
Quote: I think the default is 1MHz, that was what I was using for my calculations So how did you get a value of 12 for UBRR for 28800 bps? The highest you can go to is 4800 baud...
Tuesday, 4 October 2005 - 22:44
AVR Studio v4.12.461 SP1 released (revision update)
Quote:Is this "AVRISP mkII" going to obsolete all the existing AVRISP programmers? **PANIC MODE ON** which AVRISP mkII are you referring to? :-)
Tuesday, 4 October 2005 - 22:34
AVR Studio v4.12.461 SP1 released (revision update)
I'm very happy with I'll wait untill everyone else gets the bugs out of 4.12 before I use it :-) and also wonder if assembler V2 has been fixed so that my code works on...
Sunday, 2 October 2005 - 21:59
mega8515 USART problem
Quote:ldi r16, 12 out UBRRL, r16 What is your clock frequency? If it is 8MHz then the value of 12 gives you 38400 baud and for 28800 the error is too large.
Sunday, 2 October 2005 - 21:47
IgorPlug Visual Basic 6 example
Quote:Visual Basic 6 ? Isn't the application written for Delphi 7?
Friday, 30 September 2005 - 23:29
HELP!!! Garage door opens... but no button pressed...
Quote:I use mega128 @ 7,372MHz and CodeVision. WOW! just to open/close a garage door ? :-) How about shorting out the pin to +5 for a trial and see if infact it is an input...
Friday, 30 September 2005 - 23:18
PIN Request ATmega128
Use assembler?
Thursday, 29 September 2005 - 11:17
no hex files produced
Quote:create list file wrap relative jumps.....NO CHECK box for creating hex file?? You are right!! Don't know where I got the 'Create Hex file' bit from. In the OUTPUT /BUILD...
Tuesday, 27 September 2005 - 22:46
no hex files produced
In the assembler option of the project I have 'Hex Output format' as Intel Hex and the 'Create Hex file' box checked. Building the project creates the hex file along with a map...
Tuesday, 27 September 2005 - 07:02
no hex files produced
Quote: I can download the code to the cpu ???????? WHICH file do you download to the cpu if you don't have an HEX file?
Monday, 26 September 2005 - 23:58
Very cool AVR website
Quote:and hearing such things as 'load the accumlator' (say what?). Too bad there was nothing like this then. ?? :-) You are still doing exactly the same thing with the AVR (i.e...
Friday, 23 September 2005 - 22:51