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some examples needed
This is an example of moving 5 bytes using the x and y registers. ldi counter,5 ;a register such as r17 ldi xl,low(Data_or) ;Setup origin ldi xh,...
Thursday, 16 December 2004 - 22:40
Here is my asmCrc-32 source, but it aint working
Quote:; crc32 wants other inti values!?! Don't know much about CRC32 but with CRC16 (which I use) you can start with different values. I use 0xffff because that is what my...
Thursday, 16 December 2004 - 22:27
Total and absolute noob
Quote:error: `PORTF' undeclared PORTF does not exist in the M32 but only in the m64 and m128, so you will need to change your code. Of course if the original code needs portf...
Thursday, 16 December 2004 - 07:59
Learning C - free compiler for "PC" C
Quote:when men were men, PCs had a few hundred kB of RAM, and DOS >2.x was cool I think I still have a copy of.....EAGLE DOS v1 or 2...NO not microsoft...that would make me a real...
Wednesday, 15 December 2004 - 22:56
GUI programming
Delphi will work under windows or linux. I am not an expert on this (like I am on pretty much evrything else :D ) but I found Delphi pretty easy to use and there is no need for...
Monday, 13 December 2004 - 05:04
Help!! Why AVR studio 4.0 does NOT assembly Working on Win98
I have Studio 4 on the laptop with 128Mb but it didn't work on my desktop computer with 98Mb, it only worked when I went to 196Mb (Both win98SE). You may want to try Studio 3.56...
Monday, 13 December 2004 - 04:40
Help!! Why AVR studio 4.0 does NOT assembly Working on Win98
How much ram do you have in your system? It does work with win98 if the computer is suitable.
Saturday, 11 December 2004 - 05:39
AVR 910 question with tiny2313
Look in the academy for version 3.1 of the firmware, it uses the 90S2313. Haven't got a tiny2313 to try out yet :(
Friday, 10 December 2004 - 21:48
How to program MAVRIC board?
Quote:a programmer that is going to work first time, every time. least untill Studio thinks that it needs to be updated...then it may no longer work. :D :D
Friday, 10 December 2004 - 21:38
AT90S8515 Failing to sink
Quote:You shouldn't need any pullups on the reset pin. This could be troublesome in noisy environments :( The reset pin has an internal pullup but it's about 100-500K so probing...
Thursday, 9 December 2004 - 01:31
AT90S8515 Failing to sink
Put a 4k7 pullup resistor (to +5) and a 100nF to ground on your reset pin to start. Also do you have any series resistor with your leds to limit the current? (around 680R will...
Wednesday, 8 December 2004 - 22:49
OT: Very OT. Carving up plastic project boxes
Poundy got there before me! :D :D
Tuesday, 7 December 2004 - 05:40