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Jims almost FREE give aways
uuuuuaaaahhh Friday the 13th!
Tuesday, 10 September 2019 - 20:34
Efficiency in Amateur(1)
what do you think John? Exotic new lands, sun, beaches, adventures.....
Tuesday, 10 September 2019 - 20:30
Efficiency in Amateur(1)
Are you the old Jeckson or a new one?
Tuesday, 10 September 2019 - 06:53
Automatic SMT Pick and Place machines from NeoDen Tech,TM220A/TM240A/TM245P/NeoDen4
I have started to get the people who make the boards to load them also, if it works life will be a lot easier.
Monday, 26 August 2019 - 21:20
mega1284 tqfp capacitor on all 4 vcc/gnd pins?
And that begs the question Ours is not to question why, ours is to cap the die.
Thursday, 22 August 2019 - 20:39
mega1284 tqfp capacitor on all 4 vcc/gnd pins?
I would put 4 of them in...but you can always try with just the 2....but are you ready to modify the board if things play up unexpectedly?
Thursday, 22 August 2019 - 03:47
A bug in AtmelStudio V6.1?
It's a 6YO thread! AS6 has been dead and buried for many years.
Wednesday, 21 August 2019 - 21:16
Electronic control unit in honda
And the OP gets banned!!
Wednesday, 21 August 2019 - 07:51
Device Type Code
And, if necessary, I can provide my list of device code from the early days (when I was younger and stupider) when I was doing work with the AVR910 code. But it is now pretty much...
Tuesday, 20 August 2019 - 02:21
Device Type Code
Ernesto the OP was made 15 years ago and I don't think that Laurence is still around here, his last post is from 2006.
Tuesday, 20 August 2019 - 01:14
Basic info for the Atmega8515 AVR
Power ON - FAIL Is the chip powered??
Sunday, 18 August 2019 - 21:06
Is there something wrong with this code?
You should leave the DDR register alone once it is initialised. ie ; you don't really need this line with AS7, it is added behind the scenes for you .include "
Saturday, 17 August 2019 - 22:20