Video Game Console

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This is a monochrome video game console which is built out of an Atmel AVR8515, an 8Mhz Crystal and a handful of resistors. Video resolution is low (64x48) but system has one channel sound and its own design 6 key keypad which can be used by one or two players. The system will plug into a SCART socket.

The games are : Breakout, Air/Sea Gunner, Space Invaders, Kaleidoscope, Pacman, Pong, Simon, Tetris, Combat, Indy500, Puzzle and Warlords You can get about 5 or 6 onto an 8515.

This is PAL only ; it will probably run on SECAM ; it can probably be made to work on NTSC.

This file is an archive of the development directory ; contains AVR source, source for an emulator which will run under Windos or Linux, all the source for the games. Also contains an article describing the system (I was going to submit it to a magazine but forgot about it hence the letter to the editor). Please read IMPORTANT.txt if you build this because the keypad connections on the circuit diagram aren't correct (should be A0-A5 not A2-A7.....)

Some of the emulators run in colour. The hardware system does not run in colour but it is a possible future extension.