VFD 162SD03C Control

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Do you need a nice looking display at very low current? If the answer is yes then this project is the worst possible solution.

At the same size as a 2x16 alphanumeric normal LCD, the VFD these routines control will use 0.5 amps normally. However there is nothing that compares to the blue glow of the VFD for the ultimate in cool-looking displays, and is well worth the 1/2 amp of current.

Designed for the 162Sd03C from Futaba (picked up a few surplus), there is probably a bunch of other displays these routines would work with (the display uses a syncronous shifted MSB out first data style). Includes code, datasheet, and a picture in case you don't have a VFD and want to see what it looks like. There is no syntax that is not ANSI C, so any C compiler should work (you will need to change one line though, the line that defines the chip defines).

WARNING: Parts of these displays are charged to high voltages (50 to 60 volts), so take caution.