USBASP-tty - USBASP programmer modified with serial support and terminal program

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usbasp+ is a modification to the wonderful usbasp programmer ( with added support 
for the on chip UART for communicating with your AVR projects through the programmer device.


When combined with the PC host component USBASP_tty.exe you wil be able to send and
receive TTL level serial data to/from your microcontroller project via the programmer.


Note: this requires the modification of the USBASP programmer to add the necessary RXD & TXD connections.

   as far as I know none come with these connections in place.  Typically pins 4&6 on the 10pin connector are

   connected to ground but can be made available for these connections with some careful soldering.


The firmware is targeted for the ATMega8 but could be ported to other devices
with more than 4K of flash


Source for the programmer modifications and PC host/terminal program are included.