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The purpose of this project is to convert the UNO into a general purpose AVR programmer. The UNO is a great prototyping platform. Combined with Arduino it gives the new comer to C and microcontrollers a flying start.


It can therefore be argued that the UNO is the obvious place to put an application such as this. There is no suggestion that it does anything that can’t already be done in countless other ways. It does however build on the friendly and familiar Arduino hardware and user interface. It attempts to combine in one easy place the following programming operations:


Flash with hex and test files

EEPROM with files containing text and data

Configuration bytes


And has been tested with devices between 4 and 64KB.

Where necessary users can add details for new devices.


The source code and applications designed to read the text files are provided. Bits of them can be used or modified and pasted into other applications where this is helpful.


It is hoped that it will provide a bridge going both ways between the Arduino and Atmel Studio 7 development environments. These both have a very similar look and feel about them and of course they both have their own advantages.


It will be immediately obvious to some that project is the result enthusiasm and of a love for AVR rather than any real experience of C or the underlying compiler tool set. However it is hoped that there will be some who find it useful; be this type of thing their hobby, be they students or apprentices or even be they more serious users of AVR devices.