Thermometer , Attiny 10 , DS18B20 , SSD1306 OLED, Assembler program

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thermometer with attiny 10 chip

code in AS7 studio ASSEMBLER

display ssd1306 OLED 

DS18B20 sensor

displays temperature both + &  -  values in 16x8 fonts

display limited to numeric values 

tested and found ok

for programming attiny10 chips with USBASP good information is available at     uploaded by ZEROAMPS.

What ZEROAMPS says can be done by GUI program AVRDUDESS also, much easier without command line.



corrected bug in reading DS18B20 busy flag (routine check1)  sbrc r24,7 changed to sbrs r24,7 and re uploaded zip file on 13/05/2022


Added thermometer with atiny10 and DS18b20  with TM1637  6DIGIT 7 SEGMENT DUSPLAY from aliexpress , code is light weight , good visibility , 738 bytes only