TCD1304DG driver circuit using an ATMega1284P MCU

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This is a project that I have been working on for almost a year on, it is the CCD detector portion of the 3D printable Raman spectrometer project of mine and I finally got someone far smarter than me to help me out on the AVR part of all this and I guess I must have impressed him by transcribing his schematics on LTspice so he allowed me to use his design (with his invaluble programming help I might add,) and so I put the board together and it should be ready for offical testing sometime next week.

I am including the firmware ( C coding) for the ATMega1284P MCU, which is part of the development board I am using from MCUdude;

ATMega1284P Dev Board

This is the CCD driver circuit board which houses the TCD1304DG chip and the ATMega1284P MCU;

Finished view;

I'm still kind of new to C programming and AVR and I have recently downloaded AtmelStudio 7.0 and I am really glad I did, so I am re-engineering the firmware to remove some "glichyness," from the timing sequences, and this platform is perfectsmiley

Here is how my Dev board is currently set up with the ATMega1284P chip;

My entire project can be accessed at the link below

*Update* 5/5/2017

I got the idea for the heat sink for the TCD1304dg chip from @esben rossel he recently had a post where he showed how he cut a piece of aluminum block to act as a heat sink for the TCD1304 chip. That got me thinking, and so I formed my own aluminum heat sink out of aluminum industrial tape and will post the procedure also in my build files.

Also I found the perfect heat sinks for the AD7667 (ADC) chip, these little 15 x 15mm aluminum heat sinks are used in a kit for the Xbox 360, for the RAM chips inside, it cools them between 10-12 deg F. Perrrrrrfect :)

Here is the magic below;