Spacevector Modulation

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This Project uses the Timers of the 8535 to generate 3 PWM Signals on the Output Compare Pins PD.4, PD.5, and PD.7. These Signals can be used to Drive an Inverter to generate a 3-Phase Sinusoidal Voltages for Motor Control. The Amplitude is controled with PA0 and the Frequency with PA1. The direction is controlled by the PB.7 Bit.
Switching Frequency: 15.858 or 2000 Hz, Amplitude 0-86.6%, Frequency: 0-280 Hz (res: 1,3 Hz)

Iits been tested on a real system and works.
The svm.prj is an Project file for VMLAB simulation. With VMlab you can simulate an RC Filter and watch the 3-Phase System in the Virtual Ozi. (Works only with avrbeta13 or higher)
Additional Hardware you need to test this on a real System: DeadtimeInsertionIC, Gatedrivers, MOSFETs, Motor
Applications: Syncron-, Asyncron Motor Control, USVs

For additional Information see:
Infineon Application Note: AP0836, "Space Vector Modulation and Overmodulation with an 8-bit MC"
Analog Devices Application Note "Implementing Space Vector Modulation with the ADMCF32X"