Simple PWM demo using a Pot(ADC)

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ICCAVR v8 project for the Atmega8 to read a voltage from a Pot using the ADC and use that value to set the PWM duty cycle, as a bonus, send the ADC value to the USART.

Should be easy to port to other C compilers or classic AVR's (M48-M328,M2560, etc)


 * Compiler ImageCraft C for Mega8(16)
 * Read poteniometer connected to ADC0 and set PWM duty cycle and
 * send ADC value to serial USART
#define F_CPU 1000000UL
#include <iccioavr.h> //<avr\io.h>  gcc io header
#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdio.h>
//#include <delay.h>  //not used