Relay Control Circuit with RTC

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Hello everyone,


this is a simple circuit, based on ATmega8, might be useful for newbies in AVR, RTC, Relay, etc.This is RTC based relay operating circuit to automatically power ON/OFF any electrical device/appliance at a preset time of the day.

This circuit can be used for powering any electrical device by setting start and stop time, which is stored in EEPROM of ATmega8, so no need to set again upon power off. RTC (based on DS1307) is used for similar reasons, no need to keep the circuit ON when not necessary, or during power off, it will maintain the date/time running. RTC setting or start/stop time setting can be changed anytime using three push-buttons provided on-board.

The circuit operation in different modes is given on the project page (link given below) with schematic and pics. The Atmel Studio-7 format project source code also is downloadable from the page.