PhoenixU1 (porting the Unix v1 to Atmega 8-bit)

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Me and my friend Igor Yakimov want to show you the wonderful thing once past years. Have you ever asked the question. Why is there no real OS for atmega, those who once lived on the old computers? Maybe the

problem is the architecture atmega, if there is nothing at the moment? Or people who are so accustomed to thinking? The dispute could be lengthy. But today we put this point.


In a relatively short period Igor Yakimov ported the kernel and software legendary operating system Unix v1 is not less the legendary Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie. The project Warren Toomey

( it was easier to do.
But all the people in every time is not enough for everything, I had to help my friend a little testing. The project is still in the initial state, so do not expect anything grand. And I'm sorry for my English.


Enjoy a real Unix!


Video (work with OS):
If you want to test the system, it is better to repeat as shown. Debugging the system has been very superficial. All is not very reliable.



 - when working in HAPSIM press CTRL-J instead of the <ENTER>


 - OS has not been tested on real hardware, all the experiments at your own risk


 - when you start debugging do not forget to load the eeprom via Up /Download Memory


- In system the maximum number of processes - 3


- the version of avr studio 4.19 Build 730


- PhoenixU1 requires only 2.5 kbytes of SRAM