PCB_111000_UNO part 3: A selection of user projects

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PCB 111000_UNO is a project for the UNO that aims to provide everything needed to get a new comer to micro controllers and the C language started.

All the necessary hardware and a selection of user projects are supplied.


The UNO pcb, a prototyping platform for the Atmega 328 provides the host for the user projects and the USB bridge needed for connection to a PC.

A plug in PCB provides an 8 digit seven segment display, some user switches and an Atmega 328 that hosts a mini-OS and external programmer.


The mini-OS drives the display and provides various other services that user projects can call on. For example a stop watch/clock and some floating point arithmetic.

The external programmer enables the Arduino bootloader to be replaced with a hex/text bootloader or reinstated when required.


Each of the sample user projects comes with a commentary.txt file. This introduces the project, explains any new topics and gives any user instructions needed to drive the project.

It is uploaded together with the hex file.


The idea is that a newcomer opening the C project file of one of these sample projects is confronted with nothing that is not essential.

When the project first runs the commentary will be printed out in easily digestible chunks.


Parts 1 and 2 of this project have given details needed to build the plug-in pcb, the hex files for the mini-OS, external programmer and

hex/text bootloader and most of the C files. Procedures for setting up PCB_111000_UNO, including loading all the necessary hex files

and uploading two sample user programs have also been given. This posting gives details of the remaining sample user projects.


Attachments include

A photo of PCB_111000_UNO

A system diagram of PCB_111000_UNO

All project commentaries grouped together in a pdf file.

A zip file containing all the projects using Atmel Studio 7.0