PCB 111000 a WinAVR taster PCB

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The AVR Butterfly: a great pcb in its day.


Together with the book “C programming for Microcontrollers” by Jo Pardue it offered an ideal introduction to Atmega devices and WinAVR at least so far as I was concerned.


There was no additional hardware to purchase,

Lots of sample projects were provided,

All the software was free

Everything just worked.


So some years later I took a fresh look at its key points and some others that I thought might be helpful today such as:


A USB port,

more on the I2C bus, watchdog timer, EEPROM,

pin change interrupt,

a look at the WinAVR maths and IO libraries


The result is PCB 111000. It contains:


An Atmega 168 for which the beginner writes programs,

An Atmega 328 that contains a mini-OS and programmer for the 168

An eight digit seven segment display

User switches



I would like to think that some of those downloading the 2000 copies of WinAVR every week would find

PCB 111000 useful. The development is basically done. More details including



The user projects

The Mini-OS

Clock calibration results


can be found on Git Hub by searching on PCB 111000.


The circuit diagram, manufacturing drawings and programmer code are also available for anyone interested but are not on Git Hub at the moment.


My question is this: Is there any future for this PCB, could it conceivably compete as a replacement for the Butterfly, is any one out there interested in taking it any further.