Modbus RTU Slave Library for the avr

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Hello everyone,

in a recent project I needed Modbus capabilities. I was not satisfied with the libs out there; so I wrote my own:


The following function codes have been implemented:

  • Read Coils
  • Read Discrete Inputs
  • Read Holding Registers
  • Read Input Registers
  • Force Single Coil
  • Force Single Register
  • Force Multiple Coils
  • Force Multiple Registers


General features are:

  • Mostly interrupt driven
  • includes example project for Atmega88
  • uses <2,9k flash with all functions used
  • uses <1,5k flash with coils/discretes only
  • supports single and multiple device addresses => can be used to implement gateway devices
  • can be used in half duplex RS485 networks and in RS232


I hope It's useful for someone out there.