MOD Player for AVR 8-bit ATmega

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Minimum requirements for hardware:
- MCU: ATmega AVR
- Fclk: 16 MHz
- Flash: 8kB
- SRAM: 1kB
- 2 x 8-bit counter/PWM
- 1 x 16-bit counter

Specifications for player routine:
- 4 channel 31 samples modules support
- volume setting 0-64 for each channel
- 2 stereo channels 8-bit PWM output
- software linear interpolation
- selectable output samplerate up to 48kHz
- most used effect commands supported

The basic idea was to create an all-in-one implementation
without use of external components. On-board PWM's are used
as DAC's, the module is kept in Program Flash.
Tha player is written in pure Assembler.
The current release includes conditional compilation
for ATmega16 and ATmega128 (those author has in presence),
but is also designed for very easy compilation for any other ATmega type.
Also, there is a technological clearance for use of external memory,
RS232 interface for communicational purposes etc.

The schematics for this project is very simple. You just power the chip, supply the 16MHz clock to it and have LEFT and RIGHT audio from 8-PWM's. All specific pin numbers depend on chip, that you selected.

Some obscure bugs in the player routine found!
I will fix them later (I plan to attach external memory and flash to the player unit and then will tenaciously search for bugs).
If you found any buggy module or have a question - write me on e-mail:
at2313 (D0G) gmail (D0T) com