Microcontrollers for Beginners - A hard- and software tutorial

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A hard- and software tutorial for AVR programming in assembler. The course is structured in 14 lectures with more than 20 single practical projects, from simple to more complex, to learn AVR hardware properties, building hardware on a breadboard, programming those in assembler, with complete assembler code examples. All hardware in the AVRs (ports and portpins, timer in diverse modes, AD converter in diverse modes, external interrupts, etc.), except those for serial communication, are utilized in linear and in interrupt modes. Can be viewed online at http://www.avr-asm-tutorial.net/avr_en/micro_beginner/index.html and in one PDF document  http://www.avr-asm-tutorial.net/avr_en/micro_beginner/micro_beginner_complete.pdf (281 pages, 13 MB) for offline reading (with diverse table attachments).

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