MAX7219 LED MATRIX clock with DS3231 and ATTINY 804 in ASSEMBLY

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Chip attiny 804

atmel studio 7


DS3231 clock module

MAX7219 Lattice modules 4 in one display Digital tube display module Single chip module 8x8 common cathode (aliexpress) 2 pieces joined together for 8 blocks

Menu function is available with momentary contact switches for "MENU" , "NEXT", " SAVE" buttons

;press menu button for a moment to enter menu function
;press next button to change values of of the selected/displayed option (values increment and start from begining)
;press save button to save selected value , the next option will be automatically loaded one by one (hour,min,day,month,date,year > time)

The clock displays time in HOUR:MINUTE:SECONDS format

After every 30-50 seconds the date is displayed in DATE:MONTH:YEAR format for 2 seconds and followed by day of week in SUNDAY......FRIDAY format for 2 seconds and again time will be displayed

Alarm function not implemented (may be in future)


; PA1 = MOSI (data)
; PA3 = SCK   (clock)
; PA4 = SS     (chip select)

; PA5 next button active 0 idle 1
; PA6 save button active 0 idle 1
; PA7 menu button active 0 idle 1

; PB0 I2C   SCL

; PB1 I2C   SDA