graphic humidity & temperature logger

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This project is a humidity and temperature logger using a M163, a nokia 7110 LCD and a SHT11 humidity and temperature sensor from

They give free samples.

This project combines my two previous projects, namely '7.8 fixed point BCD math library' and 'Nokia 7110 LCD GFX library'.
There is no need to download these projects unless you want to take a look at their documentation. All nessesary files is included in this project.

The 96*64 pixel LCD shows:

+ current temperature

+ current humidity

+ current dewpoint (everybody say: wow! :-)

+ 48*52 pixel history graph of temperature,-16C to 48C range, 0.25 Celcius /pixel and variable time.

+ 48*52 pixel history graph of humidity, 13% to 100% range, 1.5625% /pixel and varable time.