Floating point display for the UNO

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Hardware design and code for a floating point display that can be be plugged into a UNO is provided.  

There are on the market a number of excellent displays designed to plug into the UNO.


I hope that this posting will be of interest to apprentices and students and other interested people

looking for projects that include a bit of manufacture and design and also provide scope for further development.


The following are provided
    Eagle schematic and board files but not gerber files
    A UNO template that can be modified to fit the user requirement
    Code to drive the displays and communicate with the UNO
    Several links to relevant software resources 

The display applications were developed using Studio 7 however all hex files are included

so that Studio 7 is not initially necessary. 
Gerber files are not included so anyone wishing to build their own display may need to

download the free version of Eagle and use it to generate these files.