DS1307 clock with menu , Attiny804, Assembly

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;code successfully working with ATTINY804 ,Hitachi1602 I2C LCD, ALIEXPRESS DS1307 RTC

;Only thing I was not able to identify was the clock displayed numeral + 1 than what i selected

;I select 01 for hour but the clock finally displayed 02 for hour, this is same for all values

;Debugging didn't reveal anything. I finally subtracted 1 from the values selected which is 

;like a field fix but the real reason remains unknown/mystery to me. 



;press menu button for a moment to enter menu function

;press next button to change values of of the selected/displayed option (values increment and start from beginning)

;press save button to save selected value , the next option will be automatically loaded one by one (hour,min,day,month,date,year > time)

;PA2 next button active 0 idle 1

;PA1 save button active 0 idle 1

;PA3 menu button active 0 idle 1


2 files attached one original and the next one little bit shrinked code .