In-circuit programmer for the Atmega 168 and 328 devices.

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The serial programming algorithm outlined in the Atmega 328 data sheet has been implemented in C using WinAVR.

The resulting code enables hex files to be programmed to a target device using a terminal program such as Br@y++ or Tera Term.


A version of this code has been successfully used in the development of PCB111000 a WinAVR taster pcb, details of which were posted

here by osbornema on Nov, 29 2018. In this pcb a slimmed down version of the code was loaded into the boot partition of an Atmega 328.


The code can be further developed or modified so that:

Other similar devices can also be programmed.

Several devices can be programmed in circuit using a single programming IC.


Two versions of this code have been developed:


Version 1: (this version) This programs the configuration bits and flash

Version 2: (to follow) This will also program the EEPROM with strings and numbers


Version 1 runs on an Atmega 168

Version 2 will probably require an Atmega 328.


User instructions plus circuit details are attached.