AVR In-System Debugger (Flash)

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NEW...AVR ISD code which operates via any 2 spare CPU I/O pins. Flash Designs have developed the world's smallest/fastest In-System-Debugger for any AVR CPU containing a UART or two spare I/O pins (e.g. Tiny, 4414/8515, 4434/8535, all Megas). If you design-in the Flash "enhanced" 10 way standard ATMEL JTAG/ISP/ISD header, (details given UNI-ICE datasheet), you can use STUDIO+ and our new UNI-ICE product to debug/test prototype/production boards without having to purchase an expensive ICE. The assembler based ISD is less than 358 bytes long, requires 9 bytes of stack. It allows single-stepping/animation, C stepping, continue to next break and snapshot (run in real-time, take CPU snapshot passing through break), full viewing of all AVR registers, internal/external SRAM/EEPROM. Included here is example 'C' code for 8515/Mega and the Imagecraft C Compiler it was tested running on our latest AVR starter kits, but it can also be used with any AVR kit with an RS232 port e.g. STK200/300/500/501 etc. We also supply example ISD for use with ATMEL STUDIO (v3.xx), this allows you to debug your assembler based projects.You can try out STUDIO+ windows software free for 30 days with the ISD. If you want the latest version of STUDIO+ please check our web site. For further details of Flash products please goto our web site www.flash.co.uk.