Aquarium Temperature Guardian (AquTemp)

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This is a project for an Aquarium Temperature Guardian (AquTemp)

Uses ATtiny2313 (yes i know, i know...) to control a waterproof DS18B20 temperature sensor

placed inside the aquarium and keep the water temperature within specified limits.

Display temperature using two 7-Segment displays and has programmable high and low

temperature settings to start and stop the cooling fans. Installed on my 120lt aquarium with

4 Carassius Auratus Auratus (goldfish...) and it is programmable using 3 push-buttons (

Set, Next, Prev). Comes together with PC-Software for logging the temperature of aquarium

(or not - whenever you like to have the temperature sensor installed)

Written in Assembly, the package has the .hex and .eep files and the full-proof-blown documentation !


Please read the full documentation (sorry it's a little long) before you growl....