APL - VGA, Audio and PS2 keyboard library

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Hello AVR fan!


I'm happy to share on GitHub my VGA, PS/2 keyboard and Sound library with the following features:

  • Timer Interrupt based implementation (execution not impacted by the main loop)
  • Low RAM footprint by tile rendering from PGM memory (4 clocks / pixel)
  • Tile size is 6 px by 8 px (Text mode) or 8 px by 8 px (GraphicPgm and Graphic modes)
  • Runtime tile creation for the Graphic mode with tiles allocated in the RAM
  • Fast screen horizontal and vertical pixel scrolling for the GraphicPgm and Graphic modes
  • Optional hardware pixel multiplexer for RGB capability
  • PS/2 keyboard support
  • Sound Tone from 45 Hz to 12 KHz