Strömmer Consulting

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  • Tool Supplier
  • Consultant

Makes among other things the AVR32 Core DIL Module , that is
~15000 times faster then the BS2 ( Basic Stamp 2 ).

We can help you create or learn anything. We are for hire on a hourly basis, and love to help with your projects.
We have worked with education for Uppsala University.
The area we are best at are developing demonstration equipment for fairs,
like we have done for the CeBIT Fair for Ericsson. It may be a fully
functioning prototype or beautifull spectacular piece of hardware :-)
We love to develop.
We have knowledge in: Distributed Systems, Robot design, Real time systems, Telecommunication, datacommunication, Transaction Systems, Large Banking Systems, Middleware, C++, C, Java + 15 more languages, Java EE,
PCB-CAD, Fair training, Distributed server solutions, Cluster computing,
Sci Math, Fast Prototyping, Human Centered Design, Sound Systems, Mathematical representation and emulation of Sound Systems.


Countries covered: 

  • Sweden