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SEGGER Microcontroller Systeme GmbH develops and distributes software development tools and ANSI "C" software components (middleware) for embedded systems in several industries such as telecom, medical technology, consumer electronics, automotive industry and industrial automation. Main products are emWin, a universal graphic software for embedded applications and embOS, a small and efficient real-time kernel. emWin, written entirely in ANSI “C”, can easily be used on any CPU and basically any display. It is complemented by the available PC tools: Bitmap converter, Font converter, Simulation and Viewer. embOS supports most 8/16/32-bit CPUs. It has constantly gained market share in recent years and is used with a variety of network stacks. Its small memory footprint makes it suitable for single-chip applications. embOS comes with a viewer that allows looking into the system from the PC (including profiling).





Heinrich-Hertz-Str. 5 40721 Hilden Germany