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ROG Systems - more power to your micro
I started this engineering outfit to help the Electronics community have an alternative choice in the world of Microcontrollers. I have 20 years in the Industry from tiny microcontrollers to mainframes. Since the massive Lay-offs of Engineering professionals, including myself, I decided to venture on my own.

We have a selection of various Controller boards which use the ATMEL AVR and ARM microcontrollers. Our designs include not just the processor but also programmable logic, such as GAL, CPLD, or FPGA on the same board. There's a wide range of designs which can be done with this extra power of Logic. Just let your imagination take over !

I hope you find something interesting here. If not, drop me a line and let me know what you think might be useful to have. I'll look into it and see what prospect it might have. Take a look at the products list and see what interests you. This is an original garage shop operation, so I try to minimize the business overhead and satisfy you with the lowest possible price. Let me know otherwise. We accept PayPal for any orders.

Enjoy !


ROG Systems 628.5 Evergreen Ave Pittsburgh, PA, 15209