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Embest CO., LIMITED, established in March of 2000, is a global provider of embedded hardware and software. Embest aims to help customers reduce time to market with improved quality by providing the most effective total solutions for the embedded industry. In the rapidly growing market of high end embedded systems, Embest provides comprehensive services to specify, develop and produce products and help customers to implement innovative technology and product features. Progressing from prototyping to the final product within a short timeframe and thus shorten the time to market, and to achieve the lowest production costs possible. Embest has already had much experience and many successful cases in complex embedded systems development in various application areas like automotive, consumer, wired and wireless networking, industrial, etc.
Embest's product offering includes single board computers as embedded controller, standard development boards as a common use and commercial standard solution board like PDA/MP3/MP4/UMD/GPS/PMP applied WinCE and Linux OS. Embest is also an ATC (ARM Approved Training Center) and provides training services and its teaching package EmbestUniversity is popular with many universities and educational institutes worldwide.

Embest has built a global service platform to work closely with our customers. We have one headquarters in Shenzhen, branch office in Beijing, one R&D center in Wuhan and international sales distributors deployed in USA, Canada, France, UK, Italy, Switzerland, Israel, Korea, India and Singapore.

Embest insists on a simple business model: to offer customers high-performance, low-cost products with best quality and service.

Embest has many years experience of support, training and consulting expertise for designers of ARM based systems.
For more information, please contact info@embedinfo.com

Main Business
Embest provides embedded hardware and software development tools including IDE, Debugger, In-Circuit Emulators, Flash Programmer, Development boards, Single Board Computer, Educational kits, etc. Embest is an ARM Connected Community Membership. It is also a third party tools provider of ST, Atmel, NXP, Samsung, Cirrus logic and other leading semiconductor vendors.
Embest offers professional customer software and board design service to help customers realize their own design fast at competitive rates. We have gained much experience in developing embedded applications and customers can leverage our experience to increase their own productivity.
Embest provides a total solution for embeddded systems up to and including contract manufacturing, our products are through strict test and volume production conforms to RoHS.
Embest is an ARM ATC (ARM Approved Training Center) and provides embedded ARM technology training service. The teaching package EmbestUniversity® has gone over with many of our customers.

High-performance Products

Leveraging many years of experience in the embedded field, by analyzing sevral embedded tools, we released a new Integrated Development Environment for embedded development on October of 2001, which named Embest IDE. Embest IDE includes all the tools necessarry for developing embedded applications. Embest IDE combines Project Management, Source Code Editing, Program building and Program Debugging in one powerful environment. Embest IDE now supports for ARM Microprocessor Family. We also provide JTAG Emulator (EmbeddedICE debug interface unit) for developing embedded system based on arm architectures. Embest IDE is a high-performance, robust products. It provides strong features for debugging, editing and project management. In addition, Embest IDE also provides other utilities to facilitate your project development, such as online flash programming, split bin tool etc. Embest IDE provides UI similar to MS Visual Studio. Project Window displays the project information after loading. Output Window displays the building result, Find in Files result and log Shell Commands in the environment similar to DOS. Server Debug Windows is used to view stack, memory, variables and registers etc. It's a very easy and powerful tool for customers.

We also provide various evaluation boards and single board computers based on different arm cores/processors from Samsung, Atmel, NXP, STMicroelectronics, Cirrus Logic and Intel. We have port uCos, ucLinux, embedded linux, WinCE and VxWorks on these boards. These boards are all designed to be compact, inexpensive and very reliable as a solid basis for all kinds of embedded applications and some can be used directly for your next design. This would help our customers speed up production time to market and save cost. Our products are through strict test and volume production conforms to RoHS. You can view our website for detail about these boards.

As an ATC member in China, beside hold training and giving courses, we also provide embedded arm teaching package with amounts of source code examples and detail training documents.

Design Services

Embest provides custom electronic design services for the embedded industry to help companies develop new products and enhance existing ones. We provide detailed design and implementation in the form of FPGA design, high performance circuit board design, and embedded software design. As experts in terms of system architecture we provide:

· consultancy
· system development services
· procuct development
· production support

for application areas like

· automotive
· consumer
· wireline and wireless networking
· industrial
· and other

As a technic company in China, we can also design and manufacture embedded component boards directly for you in a very low price with high quality. Whether you need a hardware platform development, device driver and BSP development, application development, or a complete turnkey design up to mass production status with optional production service, please ask us, we will guide you to success.

Embest's experience of embedded applications ranges from small microcontroller-based systems to large multiprocessor real time systems, propriety or off-the-shelf hardware, and processor types from 8 to 64-bit microprocessors. The experience enables us to fully meet the project requirements of our clients.

Technical Support

Our engineering team is highly experienced, knowledgeable and responsive and delivers high-quality support to our customers. We set up strong customer relationships. Our customers are also our partners. This partnership is based on strong customer support. Embest customers have direct access to our design engineers. This assures fast and accurate answers to the most difficult questions. Because our policy is one of continuous development, we often make enhancements to our products based on requests from our customers. We value this relationship.






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