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CYBER-TEK provides Consultancy, Software Engineering Product Development and Manufacturing services to a wide range of industries including Manufacturing, Security, Gaming, Warehousing/Logistics & Health Care. We offer the following Engineering Design Services -

Embedded Control and Monitoring Systems
* Product Design from concept though into manufacture.
* Microcontroller based control systems.
* Electronics and PCB Design
* Embedded Software Development in C & Assembler
* Man-Machine Interfaces. Keypads, Displays (LCD, LED VFD), Mechanical Case Design.
* Documentation. Designs, Technical and 'For Manufacture' documentation.

PC Based Control and Monitoring Systems
* Microsoft Windows Based Applications developed in C/C .
* Mission Critical Applications for monitoring and control.
* Specialist in integrating shop-floor equipment with back office systems.
* Database design and implementation.
* Documentation. Designs, Technical and User documentation.


San Vicente 5630 (1650) San Martin, Pcia de Buenos Aires Argentina