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Azzurri Technology Limited is one of Europe's leading suppliers of high technology semiconductors and system products. Azzurri has established a first class reputation for introducing technology leaders, whose products provide integrated solutions with size, power and cost savings, to the European electronics market. The Azzurri customer base is wide and varied with the main areas covering industrial, consumer, telecom, medical and military. As a result of intense market competition every customer in these market segments needs to stay one step ahead of its competitors and therefore they look towards companies like Azzurri to bring them the latest technology products that will give them a true competitive edge in their markets.

The majority of Azzurri's customer facing sales people are degree qualified in electronics and generally have a number of years experience as design engineers working for the customers and within market sectors that Azzurri addresses. This gives the Azzurri sales people a unique understanding and insight into what the customers needs are from a total system perspective, plus right level of design support that is required. The reputation of Azzurri's people is outstanding within the European electronic distribution industry.

Azzurri's role is simple; to provide its suppliers and customers with the best possible service, from the design-in stage right through to the production supply of its manufacturers products.

In October 2006 the business of GD Technik was purchased by Azzurri Technology with all of the Atmel sales and support staff transferring from GD to Azzurri UK, ensuring ongoing relationships were protected and continuity of commercial and technical support was ensured.


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