writing to SAME70 User Signature Flash

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Dear all,


I was just testing some issues on reading/writing to the 512Byte so called 'user signature flash'. I find it quite useful to store calibration data etc.

After struggling with some unexpected results I find out that it might be a good advise to do the following sequence if you want to write new content to this part of the embedded flash:

char buffer[512];


// manipulate the buffer to the new content, here I just change the first value of the array for demonstration

buffer[0] = 0xAA;


// write now the new buffer to the signature flash



without the erasing I don't get reliable results.


Hope that helps in case you try to use the same. If I overlooked something please let me know. I would be happy if it works without reading and erasing before you can actually write new content to the signature flash.


Best Regards