WLR089U0 module and MLS

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Hello community,

I’m using the WLR089 module on a self-made PCB (just fitted) although I’m having difficulties in understanding how to program the module (no debugger).

I've downloaded the "SAM R34 MLS Getting Started Guide" but the  Bootloader PC Tool Usage paragraph (5.5.1) refers to the SAM R34 Xplained Pro evaluation board.

The idea is to initially test the module capability by flashing the example code provided on the chip page (https://www.microchip.com/wwwpro...) via PC app (Bootloader PC tool) and, later on, try to update the module via UART from another micro.

Can somebody help/point me in the right direction please?


Best regards





Hello again, I'm adding info while tiring to understand how to use this module.

After several endless attempts to talk with this module via UART, I've decided to double-check its flash content. 

Being a module that aims to reduce the time to market I was expecting it to come with a pre-loaded application/stack but apparently is not...

I've been able to read dev signature and target voltage and once I've read the flash content I've found it is empty (maybe because of some sort of code protection?). 

Is there someone how has some experience with this module and point me to the right page/guide in order to understand what code needs to be loaded and how to configure/talk to this module?



############ update 2 

Projects are on git but they are for evaluation boards therefore a new custom_board.h needs to be created and all the extra component (LED, buttons, etc) needs to be removed from the code.

I'm now able to talk with the module via UART (no help received in order to understand if I can update the module over UART).

Playing with the module and learning about the Microchip Lora stack (MLS- SAM R34-R35 Microchip LoRaWAN Stack Software API Reference Manual ) I've noticed that the documentation is old and lots of LoRaWAN/MAC Attributes are missing (see typedef enum _LorawanAttributes into the lorawan.h file ). 

Has Microchip any intention to keep supporting this product and updating their documentation?



Last Edited: Wed. May 19, 2021 - 09:29 AM