WINC1500 AT command issue

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Hello, I am using the WIN1500 AT command mode in my project. The STM32 MCU communicate to WINC1500 via UART and receives and responses to the PC program, which keep sending the command to MCU and waiting the response.

Following the SSAM21_ATCMD_SIMPLE_TCP_SERVER example, I can get the wifi communication between the PC(TCP client) and WINC1500(TCP server). The problem is it always stop working after a while(Few minutes in most case or hundreds communications). Then no any thing can be received on the MCU side. Have to reboot the WIN1500 to get it works again. another issue is the communication is not start working for every time I power on the board, even the DCHP shows the IP address has been assigned. 

I can tell if the communication is fast, such as if PC sends command every 200ms, the communication will stop working quickly, with slow frequency, it can last few minutes but finally died. 

I tried to see if reducing the baud rate between WINC1500 and MCU can help but failed to change the baud rate. The manual shows use the "AT+UART=1,9600,0" to change the baud rate, but it not changed and always in the default 115200 bps. 


Any one can help for this issue?

Ken Qian