Using/troubleshooting debuggers with MPLAB X?

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Now that MPLAB X has some support for SAM chips, I've started trying to use it - support seems pretty rough.  :)


There's currently a bug with Atmel START-generated projects that Microchip says should be fixed in a few days where the .atzip files can't be imported by MPLAB X - but there's a workaround.  I've managed to get a couple projects for SAMD21 and SAMD51 created, and even built... but I can't figure out how to get debugging working, either with EDBG (on a SAMW25 Xplained Pro) or with a J-link/sam-ice on the D51.  I select the appropriate device, but debugging always fails.


Has anyone successfully debugged any SAM project on MPLAB X?  I'd love to use it because Atmel Studio is suboptimal.  Also Mac/Linux support.