Using DMA and USART on SAM G55 processor, with Atmel START

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I am working on a custom board using the SAM G55 processor.

The processor supports using the USART with DMA, for both send and receive.


In Atmel START, I am not given a choice of a DMA driver for the USART.  I can not find reference to any kind of DMA-related driver in START.  (I see the same thing if I create a new project for the SAM G55 Xplained Pro evaluation board).


I have seen an application note (AT08642: SAM 3A/3N/3S/3U/3X/4E/4N/4S/G Peripheral DMA controller (PDC) Driver), on how to use Peripheral DMA, but, although I have not seen it stated explicitly in the application note, it looks as though it is relevant to ASF3, not 4/START.  


The  ASF4 API Reference Manual has documentation for a USART DMA driver, but I do not have this as a choice in Atmel Start.



What do I have to do to use Peripheral DMA?  Is there some kind of configuration or component which must be present or set properly, which will make the USART DMA driver available when configuring the USART?


Thank you.



[Note: this is a cross-post; I hope that is acceptable on these forums.  I posted it in atmel-software-framework-asf-and-atmel-start-asfv4-all-architectures, and was advised to post it in the 32-bit forums for a better chance of a response.]