Strange behaviour of ASF example projects in AS7.0.1645 and FreeRTOS on SAME70

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Dear all,

I struggle with my FreeRTOS application since I updated to AS7.0.1645. So I decided to go back to the existing examples. I used the one with USB-MSC device and FreeRTOS. If you load this project everything seems to be fine at the first look. The application compiles and runs as expected. However it is setup with FreeRTOS7.0.0. So I decided to change it to something newer using the v8.2.3. that is available as ASF component. Surprisingly the FreeRTOS component does not show at all if I opened the ASF Wizard for the project. You can see this from the screenshot below

Anyway, I included the FreeRTOS component manually, adapted the FreeRTOSConfig.h file according to some minor problems and everything was still fine. BUT - as soon as I configure the ASF component to FreeRTOS v8.2.3 the application start fails with a hard fault.

Anyone having similar experience?


Best Regards