Strange behavior of VassistX in AS7 (7.0.1645) for ARM processors

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 (NOTE: I have not observed this behavior for AVR devices).
 The following is from a project that I had previously compiled and used with no problems prior to installation of 7.0.1645.

Normally, when I open a project and observe the code I can see VassistX working:

Note PM and PM_APCMASK_TC4 colored in magenta.


However, when right-clicking on PM_APBCMASK_TC4 and selecting "Goto Implementation", I get

(note the red squiggles, and I am not directed to the implementation)


If I then open the pm.h in the "Dependencies" folder of the solution, and do a "Goto Implementation", I am taken to the definition of  PM_APBCMASK_TC4!


Now look at the PM in those images above, trying to go to the implementation gives me:

However, changing the "PM" to "Pm" gives me:

Which now allows me to go to the implementation (of the struct in the pm.h file), but this will not compile (generates error, "expected identifier or '(' before '->' token", since it needs to find the symbol in the samd21j18a.h file).


Reverting the "Pm" to "PM" and now it compiles correctly, but I lose the ability to go to implementation...

So?? What happened? What am I missing?


(P.S. I have no idea if I am going to get correct formatting on this post...)

Edit: I have taken the project back to a machine with AS 7.0.1417 and it behaves as it should.



Last Edited: Fri. Nov 3, 2017 - 10:32 PM