Spreadsheet: SAM E70, S70, V70, V71 family package pinout

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I'm in the middle of designing my own PCB and I find it cumbersome and error prone to select the right pins from the datasheet. E.g. when searching for a pin, I would inadvertently jump from the 100-lead package to the 144-lead package as there isn't a clear indicator on each page what package the table belongs to. Besides, I wanted to be able to sort by pin number to ensure I haven't missed a pin or made other mistake such as using a pin twice.

So I've created a spreadsheet where all the columns can be sorted. Note that I did not check each and every line for correctness. Accordingly, I do not give any guarantee that the spreadsheet is correct, therefore use it at your own discretion.




Last Edited: Sun. May 3, 2020 - 07:15 PM