SDIO boot issue and default boot settings on SAMA5D2-XULT

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We are planning to use SAMA5D27 MPU in one of our latest designs. I found the following information:

  1. SAMA5D2 has a bug that results in the unreliable boot over SDIO interface- for both eMMC and SD card.
  2. The downloadable Linux image for SAMA5D2C-XULT eval board in the atmel web site is for SD card.


Now my questions are:

  1. Has this boot reliability issue resolved by this time? Is it a software bug or silicon bug?
  2. What is the default Linux boot source in SAMA5D2C-XULT? In the wake of question 2, how is the default Linux boot image for SAMA5D2C-XULT split? Where is bootstrap, u-boot, kernel & rootfs on SAMA5D2C-XULT? Are they all in SDCard/eMMC or split across many devices, say SPI flash/QSPI flash/EEPROM/SDCard as the work around suggests?
  3. We would like to re-use SAMA5D2C-XULT's default image with minimal or no changes and we plan to use only eMMC and u-SD card as memory devices. We plan to have eMMC as sole boot source and u-SD card as storage expansion. Any precautions to be taken for dropping other flash devices and EEPROM on using with default Linux image? Please suggest changes to be noted.


Thanks and regards,