SAMV71Q21 Virtual COM port (USART1)

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Hi all,

I am trying to communicate with a PC through the EDGB virtual serial port (for the purpose of redirecting printf via UART to the PC).


I'm working on keil uVision 5 and debugging with j-link EDU.


in other devices some of the UART was directly connected to the usb port of the board but I think that in ATSAMV71Q21 no.


I have connected the board through the USB DEBUG and I am able to establish the connection with PuTTy and Tera Term (the status LED lights up)


I see in the device documentation the USART1 should be used for this purpose:





I have configured the USAR1 to operate in normal mode, asynchronous mode, 8 data bits, with 1 stop bit and at 9600 baud. I have enabled transmission and configured the corresponding pins (PB04 and PA21) for peripheral functionality and no I/O function.

When I write in the transmission log of USART1 I can't see the transmission in the PC terminal:




can anybody help me?


Thanks in advance