SAMV71Q21 PMC not enabling

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I am using SAMV71Xplained Ultra board for A/D converter evaluation. I am successfully able to get the data from AFEC0. But I am unable to do anything with AFEC1. Since, there is not difference between these controllers (except the base address), there may not be any bug in my code. The process I followed is, 

1. Enable the PMC for peripheral ID 40 & 29

2. Enable the channels using AFEC_CHER

3. Enable the gain control using AFEC_ACR & set gain using AFEC_CGR

4. Enable the prescalar clock using 'AFEC_MR'

5. Then start the scan using AFEC_CR

6. Read the value using 'AFEC_CSELR' & AFEC_CDR


Everything is working fine with AFEC0 but I don't know what is the problem with AFEC1! 


Also, I noticed a strange issue on datasheet : The snapshot is pasted below. The register heading is saying that it will enable the peripheral clock but the detailed info. is giving something else. PMC Peripheral Clock Status Register 1 also has some problem. It is pointing to some wrong IDs.


Can you please give me a pseudo-code or something similar for enabling the AFEC1?


Thanks & Regards,