[SAMV71 Xplained Ultra] I can't see the correct external SDRAM value update in the EDBG memory window

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My demo board is the SAMV71 Xplained Ultra kit with ATSAMV71Q21B processor.

Some details:
OS Version : Windows 7 Professional SP1
 Java Version : Java (TM) 6 Update 33 (64-bit)
 Target Device : ATSAMV71Q21B
 Development Board: SAM V71 Xplained Ultra
 Compiler License : ??

I can't see in PC Windows Device Manager, under any 'Controller USB', the device EDGB Debbuger.
I can see only EDGB Data Gateway.

Under 'Port (COM and LPT)' I can see EDGB Virtual COM Port.
Under 'Programme Installed' I can see Atmel Driver Files, Atmel LibUSB0 Driver (x64), Atmel Segger USB Drivers (501e) and Atmel WinUSB.

I programmed a simple code to access external SDRAM as follow :

#include <asf.h>
#define CONF_BOARD_SDRAMC /*MACRO to Enable the PINs for SDRAMC*/
int main (void)
 sdramc_init((sdramc_memory_dev_t *)&SDRAM_ISSI_IS42S16100E,

 /*Set the pointer to the SDRAMC address*/
 uint32_t *pul = (uint32_t *)BOARD_SDRAM_ADDR;

 /*set LED0 status to off*/

        /*Write the specific data to the SDRAMC space*/
 pul[0] = 0xdeadbeef;

 /*Read the data, if matched the specific data, turn on the LED0*/
 if (pul[0] == 0xdeadbeef) {

         /*De-initialize the SDRAM controller.*/
 /*Allow the SDRAMC entering to the sleep mode*/

In addition I can program the processor with a simple example (sdram access), but I can't see the data written in the external memory viewwe/Windows through the embedded debugger device. They are 0x00 at base SDRAM_CS (0x70000000), all !!

The LED0 is turned on but I am no evidence in the memory location that I written the data through the Debugger Memory Windows.

Please Help me to resolve my trouble.

Thank you for answering



Last Edited: Thu. Mar 28, 2019 - 09:50 AM